I Had Sex with an Angel

8 mins (2015)

A young man named Shane knocked on my door and offered Jesus Christ as my savior in a two hour long theological conversation. I documented our discussion. While editing, the circumstance triggered within me an association to that of a porn movie, typically beginning with a strange man coming to a woman’s house, with sexual tension quickly building between them. Unlike in porn, the “foreplay” in this video remains hanging on the threshold.

Within the work, titles invade the video, creating an inner monologue; a confession. In the same way porn uses the narrative as an excuse for the sexual acts, the titles use the narrative in the video to unfold a different story. Like Shane, they “sell” a version of the story and lead to a different end, while questioning the reliability of the video images as the main narrator.

The work was exhibited in ‘Zoom 2016’ in collaboration with the Israel Museum at Ticho House, Jerusalem.