This is Where the Tree from Which the Cross was Made Once Grew


A collaborative residency and exhibition with the artist Elena Rotenberg, in which we explored thehistory and stories of the Valley of the Cross in Jerusalem. I collected stories and impressions, sitting in the public garden or visiting the 6th century monastery at the same street, then mixing them with my own experience and memories. Elena then processed the themes I recited back to her into visual dreamy paintings. With reference to the Georgian poet, Shota Rustaveli, who wrote poetic lines on the monastery’s wall paintings, I eventually wrote parts of texts on Elena’s paintings.

The exhibition was created during the residency ‘Heder Zugi’ (double room) at Ha’cubia, in Jerusalem.

Ho Madonna, Acrylic on canvas, 10*1.5 m. Installation view.

Text Translation: ‘‘Ho Madonna, every morning you are a different masterpiece, waking up to be the mother of the Messiah and the incarnation of love as a woman flash and blood; take me in your forted arms and pour a true miracle into my life, a true miracle of which the story is only a torn label from its gown, or at least, keep me from anger at a traffic jam or when I am washing the dishes.’’

5 Garages, Acrylic on paper, 70*80 cm (x5). Installation view.

Text translation of the middle painting: ‘‘Eli, the car mechanic, put a wet white towel on the smoking piston and asked us with a desperate voice: is this a way to treat a car?’’