Untitled (mattress)


For more than two weeks, during the exhibition opening hours, I stayed on a square mattress (2×2 meters). I rested a lot and many times people were invited (either by words or a physical gesture) to join me. Sometimes they did and we talk or looked at the ceiling or held hands. When for a while no one joined me and I was bored, I initiated conversation for my window, with people passing in the street or with my neighbours. I hosted many strangers next to me and was invited to all of the four balconies of my neighbours and shout a speech to the street and to the people staying at my exhibition space while I am away.
At night, visitors could see from the window a far pink light at the Discount Bank building (a building which dramatically changes the view, as it is much higher than any of the building in the surrounding neighbourhood). These was an installation of four pink projectors inside four of the offices of the bank building.

The mattress was a gap; a space in time to experience time; an art space for casual human encounters within an artwork; a live 2×2 frame where you could watch human encounters.

Photography: Flora Deborah


Cellphone shoots taken by visitors of the project